Our story

Having spent 15 years as an architect and interior designer in the employment of others, seven of which were spent in the United States, in 1993 Adrian Schliessler founded his own architectural firm in Heidelberg. 1:1 offers comprehensive design and construction management services and is particularly well-qualified to design and manage projects involving the integration of interior and exterior design elements.


Professional experience

Thanks to his work in large urban planning/architectural and interior design firms, Adrian Schliessler and his team are highly experienced in many aspects of the profession. His work has focused on office and administration buildings, public buildings, bank offices, housing and the design of retail shopping space.

Range of projects

From the remodeling of bank branches to larger projects such as the modernization of a research centre, 1:1 has experience in planning and successfully completing various kinds of projects. We have not only designed new buildings but also carried out numerous conversions in the residential, commercial and industrial building markets.



We work for industrial clients as well as commercial and public owners, property and urban housing developers and, of course, private clients.